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Why Du Magic Paint Can Do What Traditional Touch-Up Paints Can’t

Du Magic Paint Gel is not like a traditional car paint, it is a ‘purpose made’ repair system for fine damage like chips and scratches. Its slow drying formulation enables it to fill damage to a professional repair quickly.

Compared to car paints the repairs fit exactly within the scratch or chip cavity with no ugly lumps or blobs. It’s simple application means everyday people can apply it.

The 'Du Magic Paint Gel Difference...

Unique New Technology

Du Magic Paint Gel is so revolutionarily different that to protect it’s innovative formula and the revolutionary applicator it is ‘patent pending’.

Du Magic Gel contains the latest Nano (‘Nano’ means a millionth) technology UV filters. These ensure superior colourfastness and increased durability – Du Magic Paint Gel is guaranteed to last for 4 years.

Fast Yet Simple Application

Du Magic Paint Gel is neither sprayed or brushed on. Instead Du Magic Paint Gel is wiped into the damage with the laminated plastic applicator that ensures it only fits within the damage – very similar to wiping grout in between tiles. The applicator is then turned ninety degrees, using the clean edge to remove excess. Damage is repaired in seconds without delays for drying, sanding and polishing.

Du Magic Paint Gel Holds In

Du Magic Paint Gel won’t run, it holds into damage on vertical surfaces until it sets. As most damage is on the side or front of a car, this means easy application without runs.

Colors Won’t Separate

The Du Magic Paint Gel formula ensures colors stay fully suspended which replaces the constant mixing of thin paints. metallics don’t settle therefore Du Magic Paint Gel silvers will dry silver and not dark grey. White pearl now blends easily without multi-layer application. Metallic and pearl flakes won't fall out of suspension.

Extended Working Time

Car paints have fast drying solvents so that they don’t run when sprayed. Du Magic Paint Gel dries slowly to allow the repairer to wipe the Gel within the damage and then trim off excess with our special soft plastic applicator. Using conventional car paints this way creates smears.

High Film Build

The Du Magic chemists loaded the Paint Gel with the maximum solids. Paint gel also has a filler coloured to cars to fill to over 80 percent in one fast application. A second coating of gel means the area is 90% filled within minutes.

With only minutes Du Magic Paint Gel settles to the finished height.

This is unlike car paints that take 6 months to fully shrink. Therefore a level repair today will become a hollow soon.

Safe To Use

There are no volatile solvents that can react with the cars paintwork. The water based technology means it is good for the environment. Even better, employees can clean up in water.

Self Levelling Technology

Touch-ups often dry fast leaving brush strokes behind. Du Magic Paint Gel’s self levelling technology means a super level high shine 'millpond like' finish resulting higher gloss.

Easy To Use Tube Eliminates Waste

Du Magic Paint Gel applies straight onto the applicator from the tube. You only use what the chip or scratch requires.

The Du Magic Paint Gel Benefits Are...

Fast repairs

A 300mm (12”) scratch can be repaired in seconds. It’s so simple and easy that just about anybody can apply it.

Economical To Use tube

Du Magic Paint Gel comes in a tube just like toothpaste only with a fine 4mm (1/6th inch) nozzle so that you use what you need for the repairs.

Long Life

Du Magic Paint Gel is water based so it doesn’t dry hard in the tube, unlike conventional car paints that quickly dry hard and become unusable.

Low Cost

Most damage only requires half a drop of gel to repair. You’ll only need half a drop because our special applicator wipes it directly into the damage.


You wouldn’t expect car salespeople, car cleaners and paint professionals to talk about touch-ups as fun. But because Du Magic Paint Gel is easy to create works of genius repairs - it makes life simply fun for our repairers.

Forgiving Color Match Technology

One concern of our repairers has been they cannot colour match - unlike professional spray painters. Over decades we have removed that concern by analysing what our hundreds of repairers needed. We built those lessons into paint gel.

Even if you were to accidently wipe in Black Gel into a Dark Blue chipped car – the repairs usually blend in. However if you apply the second coat in the correct colour, presto the car looks great.

With Du Magic Paint Gel, a great repair doesn’t demand perfectly matched colours. Even white or silver cars that look ugly with the wrong shade of normal touch-up paint will repair professionally with a slightly incorrect shade of Du Magic Paint Gel because the repair fits perfectly inside the damage instead of the huge very visible blobs.

Du Magic Paint Gel can be made to match all colours.

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